Stopray Grey Vision-36T, Stopray Vision-40T, Vision-51T & Vision-72T

With Stopray Vision, the neutral aesthetics and high-performance are no longer incompatible. These double-silver coatings provide high light transmission, low reflection, excellent solar control and thermal insulation. When used in double or triple glazing, these magnetron-coated glass products are perfect solution for the hot Middle East climates.

Stopray Grey Vision-36T, Stopray Vision-40T, Vision-51T and Vision-72T can be heat-treated and are available in large sizes, giving architects great freedom and flexibility when designing prestigious projects.

Finally, these double silver coatings are produced locally at AGC Obeikan, ensuring the customer needs are satisfied faster and better.


Balanced natural light

the best balance between a high level of natural light and a low level of heat throughput

Excellent solar protection

leading to a lower air conditioning costs

Neutral aesthetics

in combination with superb performance for the most prestigious projects 


Stopray Vision - Datasheet
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Pocket Value - product performance
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Stopray T Coatings - Processing Guide
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