Stopray Smart 18, Smart 30 and Smart 51

With a silver layer that provides maximum solar control and thermal insulation, Stopray Smart products  offer a wide range appearance - from neutral ( Smart 30 on Clear) to silverish ( Smart 18), and to coloured ( Smart 30 and Smart 51 on coloured substrate - Bronze, Greey and Grey). Furthermore, Stopray Smart 30 and Smart 51 products can be used in a heat-treated or annealed version and do not require any edge-deletion of the coating.


Solar control & thermal insulation

with a Ug-value of 1.4 W (m2K) 

Wide choice of colors

attractive neutral and coloured appearance meeting your aesthetic and functional requirements

Cost efficiency

pleasant indoor temperatures with reduced air conditioning and heating costs


Datasheet Stopray Smart 30 & Smart 51
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Stopray Smart 18 Datasheet
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Processing Guide - Stopray Smart 30 & 51
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