Stopray Titanium-34T

Stopray Titanium 34T is perfect for hot climates. It features a toughenable double silver coating and delivers excellent solar protection combined with superb light and energy performance. This body-tinted grey glass is highly prized for its low interior and exterior light reflection and delightful aesthetics, giving processors and architects plenty of leeway to play with the look of a building. Product reaches its ultimate performance and aesthetic after heat-treatment and can be used in curved and enameled versions.


amazing aesthetics

very pure neutral grey appearance, no purplish / yellowish aspect

low solar factor

with high level of selectivity of 1.55

low light reflection

both outside (= pure colors) and outside (= comfort for tenants)  


Datasheet - Stopray Titanium-34T
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Stopray T Coatings - Processing Guide
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