Shining example of sustainability

Shining example of sustainability

AGC focuses on products with a better environmental performance. This is our fist goal. Second goal is to manufacture these products using the best available technologies from the environmental point of view, in order to minimise the environmental impact.

We proudly admit, AGC is leading the Green Building revolution by actively developing sustainable products and promoting their use. Headquarters of the AGC Glass Europe in Belgium is a great example of it – fully sustainable nearly zero-energy building with the wide range of AGC architectural and decorative glass. 900 solar (PV) panels with self-generating capacity of 200,000 kWh and 13,000 sqm of AGC glass were used in construction of this building. 

The two-storey building stands on pillars over a ground-level car park, its distinguishing feature being its double glass outer skin. The first (inner) skin is made up of double glazing in highly transparent glass with coatings that give it super-insulating and solar-control properties. The outer skin is unique in being dynamic, made up of movable glass louvres with alternating white stripes screen-printed on either side. These louvres vary their position automatically according to the movement of the sun, thus letting in the maximum amount of natural light while protecting against glare and overheating. The wonderful quality of natural light is afforded by the Clearvision extra-clear glass.

Apart from the glass, other energy control features include the orientation of the building, the use of geothermal energy and photovoltaic solar panels on the roof. Together these measures almost entirely balance the energy used for lighting and temperature regulation. Hence, the building is "nearly zero-energy."

Shortly before it entered use the AGC Glass Building received a BREEAM certification level of "excellent" for its very good environmental performance.